Furry Friends

At Rhumhor, we understand that dogs are part of the family and we welcome your furry best friends to enjoy a holiday too!   Our own dog Rowan loves nothing more than a stay at Rhumhor to explore the gardens, take a paddle in the loch and burn some energy on one of the many walks in the surrounding areas    There are lots of fabulous walks and dog friendly places to visit.  Your furry friend is sure to come across some other holiday or local dogs to play with.

Depending on the size of your dog, some of the garden may be suitably doggy-proof but we can’t give you any guarantees as it definitely hasn’t proved to be westie-proof!  Please keep your furry friends under supervision as we wouldn’t want them to come to any harm on the road.  We also ask you not to leave them alone in the property as, from experience, they can become very distressed when left alone in an unfamiliar place.