New Bridge to Loch-side lawn

Rhumhor BridgeOur new loch-side lawn was really popular with guests last year, the perfect place to enjoy the views across Loch Goil, hold a BBQ or just sit and watch the sea birds.

However we recognised that there were access issues. Between the lawn and the road edge is a large ditch which allows water to drain from the fields behind the houses. Although grassed, the slope of ditch meant that some guests found it difficult to access the lawn, the grass could be slippery at times.

To remedy the problem, this winter, we have had a bridge constructed across the ditch which will allow all guests to cross to the loch-side easily. Work on the bridge continued this week and now we just have to add top soil, and then, in Spring, grass seed.

We can’t wait to see it finished, but in the meantime our dog Ben inspected our progress, and seemed to approve!


Asda now deliver to Rhumhor

One of the most frequent questions we are asked before guests arrive is which supermarket delivers to Rhumhor. We are very pleased to announce that Asda have now started their home delivery service to this location. You will need to register and book a slot so we recommend you plan well in advance.






They also offer a Click and Collect Service at their Dumbarton store so you can also pick up shopping on the way up to the house (there is also a Morrisons and Marks and Spencer’s Food at this location).


A ‘Must Visit’ for Rennie Mackintosh fans

Charles Renee Mackintosh

If you are a fan of Rennie Mackintosh, the Scottish architect, designer and artist, then a visit to the Hill House in Helensburgh is a must during your stay at Rhumhor on Loch Goil.

The Glasgow born Mackintosh is known around the world as one of the most creative figures of the 20th century.  His designs are seen in everything from buildings, to jewellery to clothes and even china.  One of his architectural highlights is the Glasgow School of Art, while on a hillside in Helensburgh in Argyll sits what is know as his finest domestic creation ‘The Hill House.’

The Hill House Helensburgh
©2002, Jeremy Atherton

The famous designer created not only the house itself but also most of the rooms, furniture and other fixtures.  This is an essential day out for anyone that loves the Mackintosh style and it is open to the public from April right through until the end of October.

Have you booked, or are planning to book your holiday at Rhumhor next year? Then pop this onto your list of places to visit.