Asda now deliver to Rhumhor

One of the most frequent questions we are asked before guests arrive is which supermarket delivers to Rhumhor. We are very pleased to announce that Asda have now started their home delivery service to this location. You will need to register and book a slot so we recommend you plan well in advance.






They also offer a Click and Collect Service at their Dumbarton store so you can also pick up shopping on the way up to the house (there is also a Morrisons and Marks and Spencer’s Food at this location).


15% Discount to Celebrate Four Stars!



We are delighted that VisitScotland were very happy to re-confirm our Four Star quality award following their assessment and advice visit. We are assessed against a set of national quality standards for cleanliness, safety, security, comfort, sustainability and customer care.

Four Star achievement means our guests are assured that we meet the Excellent standard.

To celebrate we are offering a 15% discount on available dates up to the 16th December 2015. (offer closes 15/11/2015)


A ‘Must Visit’ for Rennie Mackintosh fans

Charles Renee Mackintosh

If you are a fan of Rennie Mackintosh, the Scottish architect, designer and artist, then a visit to the Hill House in Helensburgh is a must during your stay at Rhumhor on Loch Goil.

The Glasgow born Mackintosh is known around the world as one of the most creative figures of the 20th century.  His designs are seen in everything from buildings, to jewellery to clothes and even china.  One of his architectural highlights is the Glasgow School of Art, while on a hillside in Helensburgh in Argyll sits what is know as his finest domestic creation ‘The Hill House.’

The Hill House Helensburgh
©2002, Jeremy Atherton

The famous designer created not only the house itself but also most of the rooms, furniture and other fixtures.  This is an essential day out for anyone that loves the Mackintosh style and it is open to the public from April right through until the end of October.

Have you booked, or are planning to book your holiday at Rhumhor next year? Then pop this onto your list of places to visit.


The Waverley’s last visit to Loch Goil in 2015

The Waverley on Loch Goil

Today, the iconic paddle steamer The Waverley will pay her last visit of 2015 to Loch Goil.  The Waverley is the last sea-going paddle ship in the world and is always a beautiful and welcome sight on Loch Goil.  Throughout the summer months she visits Loch Goil once a week, steaming up Loch Long and usually turning around in front of Carrick Castle.

The last month and a half she has been on the south coast and the Thames offering pleasure cruises but this weekend she makes her final appearance in Scotland before laying up for the winter.

More information and booking details can be found on their website.


Self Catering Short Breaks near Lochgoilhead

Autumn Walk Loch Goil

Our autumn and winter short breaks are now available so this is the time to book yourself a short break in this spacious Victorian lochside house in the Loch Lomond National Park  and enjoy the stunning scenery and unique tranquillity found on Loch Goil.

Available for 2, 3 or 4 nights our short breaks are ideal for family get togethers, chill-out weekends and those looking to enjoy the amazing Scottish outdoors.  From the house you can take an easy stroll along to Carrick Castle, or head off into the hills to enjoy some fantastic views over Loch Goil.  The Arrochar Alps edge the Loch Goil glen and offer some real hill walking challenges.

Staying in a self catering property does not mean cooking every night as you can arrange for a chef service to either deliver or cook at the house.  If you wish to eat out there are some lovely places to eat either in the glen or elsewhere in the local area.

Festive Short Breaks on Loch GoilFestive Short Breaks


In December, our festive short breaks are available with the house decorated in all its festive season finery.

The house is just over an hour from Glasgow Airport where car hire is available so you can fly in to Glasgow, hire your car and be driving up the side of Loch Lomond towards the house in no time at all.

Contact us with your requirements now and book this stunning lochside house for your short break in Scotland now.